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Metal Maslow or MM2?

Looking to purchase a Maslow and looking for any views/advice?

From what I can work out the Metal Maslow is obviously a metal base plate that due to weight does not require the bricks.
Is the Metal a more advanced system that the MM2?
What advantages does the Metal have to the MM2?
Metal uses Electronics Board: TLE5206 /MM2 uses L298 3 x Chip DUE (difference)?

Can someone who has used both set-ups give any information? Linkage arm over the ring?

Any help/advice would be greatly received.

Many Thanks

Was thinking of purchasing a Maslow but had zero answers for any questions, so that obviously put me off.
Messaged Maker Made and had instant response and answered all my questions.

The End

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This is a user, not vendor, forum

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to answer your questions:

3 vendors: Eastbay, Metalmaslow, MakerMade (no particular order).

I have both a metal setup and a makermade jumpstart kit and the newer due controller. I’ve used the M2 controller, but not the M2 sled. Metal advantage is no bricks are required and it is a much cheaper kit, but requires more build experience to get it right. Eastbay is the basic kit at a very good price. Makermade has the M2 with a z axis similar to the metal maslow, but they made a new controller that ads significant cost. I’m abbreviating this because it has been discussed on this forum in a few places. Each kit is based on the orginal maslow open source project that @bar made. In any case, it requires significant build time and significant learning for proper calibration, then additional learning to find “your” tool path to make designs as there are many many options. This forum will help you with suggestions on how to get through each of these, but this forum does not sell anything as Moose mentioned, it is for the users, by the users. When the kit manufacturers are not available to take your call, you can search here and then ask.

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Thanks for the information.

Someone has answered my questions.

#rat the name suits you.

Name calling?