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Meticulas Z installation instructions

Ok I received my replacement for the broken Depth Interlock Lever from I have reassembled the router and placed my last piece of 3/4" MDO on the maslow…so I load the malsowsled_18 in ground control…and first I read the instruction stating to use T1,T2, and T4. No where do I see which one to use first, or where to use the rest, for that matter. So, I have read everything I can in there but no explanation as to the use of these tools…and that brings me to the second issue…I loaded into ground control and want to set home at the bottom left of my machine. It loaded to the upper right hand corner, and I cannot get it to move to where I need it to be. So I need to ask, which tool to use in the cutting, and what am I doing wrong in loading up this in ground control, do I need to physically position the cutting board where it appears in the GUI? My material is only 27" x 48" (685.8000mm x 1219.200mm…for those overlords… :innocent:

Never mind about moving the position on ground control…as soon as I posted this, I tried again and it went where I needed it to go…now about those tools?


Rick - per the quoted info above, it looks like you only need T1 (1/4" endmill), T3 (Engraving bit), and T4 (1/8" Stub drill, or center drill). I believe the order you want to use them is T3, T4, then T1 (you can verify this by opening the GCode in any text editor and scrolling through the code. You should see something like “M0 T3” or something to that effect at the beginning of the code, as well as when it transitions to the next tool. You could also use to see the code and play through the cut). I want to say that when you start the program in GC, if you look in the window where all the GCode is running, it should tell you what tool it is expecting to use. I think it should pause as soon as you hit play to allow for a tool change. Once you verify you have the correct bit in, then you can hit resume.

I also got most of the instructions from here:

Let me know if you need any further help.

Well as far as I am concerned, this is a piece of beauty. Only missing the one part on the lover right… tomorrow is another day.

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when I have a small piece like that, I put it in the center and then drive the sled to the lower left corner of the piece and set home so you don’t have to hand-guide the sled in the lower corners. That is too bad about that piece in the lower right. Looks like you have enough just above it to recut it. You may consider sliding the sheet left about 3’ and cutting just he one piece.

I think you’ll be happy with the meticulous z axis.

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looks good!!

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I normally try and center my project on the work surface, but ground control kept snapping It back over there. I can finish it manually, I have never cut that far over on the board. It tried, I gotta say that…

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