Mill entry into work piece off center

Wondering if anyone could suggest a quick fix to get the router bit to enter the work piece inline with the cut. This happens on plywood and stock lumber. See attached pictures. IMG_4158|375x500IMG_4159

What CAM software are you using? When cutting g a profile Fusion defaults to “side entry” for various reasons. There is a check box you can uncheck so it does not do this.

Thank you, I remember that I have unchecked a box that said entry a long path. I did this so that the cam would just go straight down into the workplace . I am using visualcamc

each CAM application is gonna be a little different with how it approaches that, I’d suggest RTFM on visualcamc and it should be pretty straightforward.

I hate to admit it, but I don’t know what RTFM means?


“Read The F’n Manual”

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What is this Manual you speak of?? :rofl:
Lol, first time I’ve heard of this as well @whitt3rx
I like it!

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In polite company, “Read the friendly manual”.:grinning: