Machine cutting a line from home position to the workpiece?

When I attempt to cut a test shape, everything looks good in makercam. When I export the gcode and look at it on ground control, there is a line going from the home position to the workpiece. When I ran the program, it did cut a line. How can I fix this?

Can you upload the .nc file?
Without seeing it, I’m going out on a limb to guess that the line from home to the workpiece was intended to be traversed with the bit raised above the surface so that the bit wouldn’t cut.

Do you have z-axis motor installed? If so, did you set the zero-point of the z axis before starting the cut?

Z axis is installed, bit slowly lowered into the wood with spindle running, as it traversed the line to the work piece start position. I did zero the z axis before the cut. I have since deleted the code and built several new ones and all show the traverse line. Attempting another one after restarting everything and just so you’re aware i’m running version 1.10.

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Is the router body slipping out of the height adjustment latch? Asked another way, when the router is slowly lowering, is the z axis motor turning? If not, it sounds like the latch needs tightening. If the motor is turning, the .nc file would be helpful, along with which program was used to create the gcode.

Restarted everything to include makercam, where gcode was generated, went to calibration and reset z axis zero there, rebuilt a simple 4"x4" square and the traverse line shows up in ground control still, the 4"x4" cut out beautifully. I guess the traverse line always shows up from home to cut 1. Anyhow, cut this square and another one a bit smaller with no more issue with the traverse line being cut. No clue what’s different but I’m moving forward. Next stop, inserting tabs…
Thanks for the assistance blurfl


It is hard to see, but movements associated with a G00 gcode (rapid traverse, like the first one from home to the start of the cut) are supposed to be rendered differently from the G1, G2, G3 gcodes. I can’t see it myself either.
Glad to hear you’re up and cutting!

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