Missing from makercam gcode

Hi, I have a weird problem where a single shape in a cut get’s completely ignored by makercam when calculating. I’ve deleted it, resized, from inkscape to makercam, shows up with the R missing on ground control as well. any ideas??

I would suspect that it’s in the .svg. Grouped shapes or a similar thing.
Can you share the .svg?

Sure thing, i’m pretty scrubby at doing all this, and coincidentally you were the user that i found helped with my last issue (gc getting picked up as a virus) i appreciate it!!


I can confirm the R is missing in the .nc file.

I suspect the issue in the .svg from inkscape.
Can you upload that?

Oh my bad, wrong file, definitely!

I have an idea, but its just a thought.
The R was 0.006 in line thickness and the other shapes 0.005.
Is the bottom of the A closer to the bottom of the R then the diameter of the cutting bit?

How did you do the path in makercam?

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i doubt it since my bit is .125, i basically told it to do a pocket and should have made a pocket in all the negative space but treated the R as the same negative space too…
edit: i see what you mean, let me try changing that around a tad

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How did you form the “R”? are you certain it is a closed loop?

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Resizing didn’t work, I traced the R and clicked and moved each node to make sure it wasn’t open anywhere, but i suppose i need to just make another and see if that helps

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I get the same results and are clue-less why :man_shrugging:

I’ll see if I can give it a whirl later tonight when I am home

Well i appreciate the help, i made a new one and this one seems to register correctly, i’ll let ya’ll know, but so far so good, seems it’ll be a mystery why it didn’t quite work out in the first place


1 step closer, it seems to be related how the parts are ‘stacked’

huh, yeah i kind of thought along those lines, in the new one i made, i used all the same stuff except the r, and deleted everything that had to do with it after cutting it to a new layer, then made a layer above that to remake the letter, and merged the new and orignal layers and deleted the ‘faulty’ R. i think this will work