Missing Parts - 1 Leadscrew Nut missing

How do we reach out to you about missing parts? I only got 1 of the 2 leadscrew nuts for the stepper motors.

Also, I am not sure as to how to attach them once I do get the other one. The picture is a little unclear.

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I’m sorry about that! Shoot a message to @anna with your address and we’ll get one in the mail to you ASAP.

For where it goes, you will find that it only fits on two of the arms so feel free try to to put it anywhere that it fits, but also using the clamping wedge as a reference should make it easier to locate.

the leadscrew nut should be on the stepper, bar will have to send you a

you put the nut on the top of the bracket that holds the bottom of the router
and put bolts up through the bracket into the 4 small holes on the nut.

David Lang

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Ah! It was unclear if the bolts go through the bracket or just the leadscrew nut.

Ah, both! They go through the bracket and screw into the leadscrew nut. That way the two parts are held together

Hi all, I just received my Maslow 4 in UK, I shipped it to myself from US!!
Anyway, the sled wedge was broken but no problem I fixed it, The problem is I just started to build and there are no bearings, the 20 bearings are missing, I checked the box again and it definitely is not here. What is the exact specs of the bearings so I can buy them in the UK.

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I’m sorry about that! We can send you replacements right away, just give us your address. If you don’t want to wait that long they are standard 148ZZ bearings.

Again, our apologies for not including them. If you message your address to @anna we can send you some along with a sled.

Thanks Bar, I appreciate that, but I live in the UK atm and it’s okay I can just buy it here. Is the 148ZZ this one:
|Inside Diameter|8mm|
|Outside Diameter|14mm|
like this one? MR-148ZZ Miniature Ball Bearing 8x14x4mm | The Bearing Company

If so I just get it from ebay here, you have enough on your hands to do and all of your team have done an amazing job. Thank you so much.

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That one looks perfect. Those bearings should work great.

Thanks for saving us some work, we owe you one. If you ever need anything in the future, just let us know :grinning:

I just received my kit and it is complete, except no belts were included. Another part of this thread says to contact @anna, but clicking that just gives info about Anna, no ability to message her. At the bottom there is a Contact Us section, which says to do so on the website, but I spent an hour combing through the site and was surprised to see no way to contact the company at all. I believe I went to every page. I was also surprised that the kit didn’t include a “Contact here if you are missing anything” comment.
So, I’m at a loss to see how I can get my missing parts. ?

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Great point. I think that the contact us page got buried when I re-arranged the website a few weeks ago. I’ve brought it back into the menu here: Contact Us — Maslow . Thanks for pointing that out so that I could fix it.

The forums are also generally the best way to get ahold of us anyway so you did the right thing. Shoot an email with your info to Anna@MaslowCNC.com and we’ll get those in the mail to you. I’m sorry for the trouble!


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All assembled and Z, Retract All and Extend All working well. Time for a frame!

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I’m missing one roller and I don’t see any way to message @anna. I just created my community account and perhaps I don’t have the ability to message yet?

Hey there! no problem, just email me at anna@maslowcnc.com with your name and backer number and Ill send some parts your way.