[SOLVED] Missing Motor Sprockets etc

Missing Motor Sprockets, Motor Set Screws, & Allen Wrench, and one of the motor housings was broken when the kit arrived.

I contacted the Maslow store and have not heard back in 2 weeks, I also looked in the store to buy new Motor Sprockets, but those look like a custom piece, so I figured I’d try here.

Any advice?

Hi Elliot, welcome to the Maslow forum

What company did you order from? Eastbaysource is where the link in the maslow store redirects to.

Some members have sourced the complete kit themselves. You may want to read through some posts starting from July 18 to now and try contacting them for alternative hardware sources.

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I got it from MakerMadecnc and on their site, the Motor Sprockets didn’t have a link to purchase, just the word “custom”, but I didn’t know there were other sites. I’ll check those. Thanks!

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@MakerMadeCNC does a great job of sorting things like this so fear not they will help you!

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Please email me at info@makermadecnc.com and I’ll get replacements parts shipped out first thing Tuesday morning!


Hi all, I responded to this thread from within my email, but apparently that didn’t work. Just wanted to give an update… I’m a bonehead. When unboxing I spread all the bags out on my desk, and somehow the bag with the sprockets somehow ended up under my paper scanner.

Anyway, back to assembly, super excited, and super appreciative to know there’s an awesome community.