Controller Cables

Maslow Surplus Parts has z-axis cables, but not x,y-axis cables. So what’s the difference? I figure it’s probably length, connector type on the motor side, or a difference in the pin order.

The z cable has a smaller connector on one end (2mm spacing) and a larger one the same as the other cables (2.5mm) on the other end. It is also longer (12 feet) than the motor cables (6 feet). The pin order is the same. Note that the Maslow stock z-motor pinouts is different from other similar motors of similar size and shape.


But both cables are straight through, aren’t they? (Pin1-to-Pin1…Pin6-to-Pin6)

So, if @jwolter is just looking to change one end of the Z-cable to the 2.5mm pitch header, he could use it as a main-motor cable without re-ordering the pins when switching to the new header… couldn’t he?

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The Maslow stock cables are straight through, yes. The pins of the 2mm connector will not fit in the shell of the 2.5mm connector, but the wire color sequence will be the same (black, red, orange, green, white, yellow).
The z-motors from Amazon or Polulu are ordered (red, black, green, blue, yellow, white) and will run backward; I re-wired mine by swapping each pair to get the same color order as the stock Maslow z-motor (blue=orange).

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we should have a software option to run the motor in either direction.

This wouldn’t address the need to reverse the 5V and Ground wires when re-wiring; might as well make the other corrections at the same time. We’re accumulating a plethora of settings.

For Z isn’t that already possible, by setting a negative pitch?

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