My kit arrived with no wires - what are these plugs

Please help.

I bought my first kit from a supplier months ago. Today it remains undelivered - stuck, apparently in Miami.

I bought my 2nd kit from a different supposedly reputable Maslow reseller.

  1. They claimed it had been sent - 18 days later (and after a nudge) they dispatched it.
  2. The package fraudulently claimed it was a gift, postage from US to Europe.
  3. The kit has no wires in it
  4. I have had zero reply from the seller a week later

Can someone kindly tell me what the plugs on the wires are called (or better still an ebay/amazon link). Our local tech stores have bigger and smaller, but nothing that fits nicely.

Also, is there is a minimum thickness of wire I should be fitting?

That sounds horrible, sorry you’re having troubles. I just recieved my kit from maker made and haven’t put it together yet so I can’t help you. I just wanted to assure you that someone will definitely be along shortly that will be able to answer your question. I haven’t used my maslow yet but if it functions as half as well as its community is helpful and kind I’m sure I’ll be happy with it.

All the best, don’t get discouraged I’m sure a solution will be found.

The plugs used on the X-Y motors and the motor shield are all JST-XH6 connectors. The easiest way I’ve found to purchase them are to buy 5s LIPO battery balance connectors. The connector on the Z motor is a bit trickier. Any of the documentation I have on the motor doesn’t spec a connector size. I do know that it’s the same number of pins as the other JST connectors, but has a smaller pitch. All else fails, you could use dupont connectors, but you have to be very mindful of your pin order and there is no mechanical mechanism to hold the pins in place, so they may vibrate loose.

I had to do some rewiring a little while back, but I can’t specifically remember the wire gauge. It likely was 18-20ga.

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Who were these two suppliers? Just so we can keep track of who is doing a good job?

Dear Bar - Thanks for the interest. The feel of this forum would suggest not to publically name and shame or start a mud fight. I work with a team of home boat builders who are looking at my Maslow experiment with keen interest, so I’d rather keep positive and get cutting.

Please PM me (or use my email). I think you have access to both. As a new user, send messages or user information is not enabled at my level


Dear Bar,
I am actually fairly upset with Metal Maslow now.

  1. MetalMaslow said they had had my money and had sent a kit. Two weeks later they finally dispatched it
  2. MetalMaslow marked my commercial purchase as a “gift” for customs clearance. This is fraud and I now have follow up questions at this end to answer
  3. the kit had no cables. Although they promised to send some cables,MetalMaslow has failed to deliver.

Months after buying my first kit, Im still not near cut #bosch-pof-1200-ae

I’m sorry to hear that :frowning_face:

Have they resolved things yet?

Dear Bar,
I received the message below. Yesterday.
In short:, no cables have been dispatched yet.

From.Metal Maslow.

we are human and make mistakes and will send the missing cables. I see you failed to mention that we sent the 40 lb package expedited at your request and that we will ended up spending over $180 more in shipping due to this, but yet you are still upset. Even after we explained the Covid 19 situation and us moving. Your response was to do a negative review on your blog.

The sad truth of online sales is it only takes about 3% of customers to shut down paypal and credit card sales and without that a business will go under. I consider shipping something that we loose money on a gift and most customers request that, sorry if it has caused issues.

I think all the sellers do this because they are passionate about getting a big cnc for a small price, but between covid19, 25% tarriff fees from importing chinese goods, and these online attacks is it really worth us to continue? seriously?

As far as international sales go this is our last one. Not worth the headaches.
graph shows impact of all this on sales:

To the people that write negative things without even giving us a chance to respond, that charge back credit or paypal purchases without even emailing us asking for a refund, and to those that think it’s just business, it’s not and you are destroying one of the vendors that makes your hobby possible.
and I’ve seen nasty stuff written about all the vendors.

the cables are custom made you can’t get them from amazon or any where else, except in china.

On a truthful and positive note. Thanks Meticulous, China is not the only source of the cables.

These plugs fit the board and the motors.

After making these up, I’d recommend anyone to wait a few more days for the Crimp tool to arrive, but I’ve been waiting months to get this show on the road. So a few burnt fingers from the soldering iron was worth it.

Can anyone confirm or deny if I am correct to match the M+/M- inputs from board to plugs (means crossing the pin orders on one end of the plug for the motors I have here). Either way - tomorrow I can start putting things together.

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Very nice!!

The cable is reversible so you should be able to plug either end into either end, that’s the easiest way to make sure the wires go to the right places :grinning:

international shipping is tricky. we made a simple mistake or 2. the other vendor appears to have some customs issues out of their control. lets not blame vendors for stuff out of their control.

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I am so disappointed in a small percentage of customers who think posting negative stuff on this forum on any small mistake is somehow their revenge. I have accidently forgotten some parts on other orders, and none of them come here and write bad reviews.

I’ve shipped about a half dozen of the top-mount linkage kits internationally,
one of the kits sat for a month in the port of Los Angeles (about 50 miles from
me) in outgoing customs.

incoming customs on the far side can also get ‘interesting’

David Lang