Motor releases sled falls to ground

Not sure what I’ve done. I am trying to cut my final sled, and had a few issues. Currently when I recalibrate it extends the chains, I hook the sled in and the left motor releases. The sled just crashes to the ground!

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Are you certain that the set screw is in place and located on the motor shaft flat? The gear box should not allow the chains to move without power since the drive gear is a worm gear, so if the motor is free-wheeling without power, you have a seriously defective motor.


What version of the software / firmware are you on please? What operating system? Standard or Triangular linkage sled attachment? Can you upload your log file?

Thank you

we have seen this sort of bahavior on the first version’s quadralateral
kinematics when the machine dimensions and calibration are wrong.

please re-check that.

Thanks so much, you were spot on with the set screws on the motor shafts. I must not have adjusted them tightly and when weight was applied they jumped.I’ve tightened them all now.


Glad it was a simple fix :slight_smile: