Motor slipping when pulling the sled up

Hello everyone!
I am having a problem with my Maslow CNC where if the motor has to raise the sled it cannot. It just clicks loudly and the sprocket moves back and forth a little, but it cannot actually raise the sled. When you pull on the chain to help raise it, the clicking will stop and the sprocket will turn. But as soon as you release it it will stop moving and just start clicking again.
I believe this means the gearbox in my servo is stripped. But I am hoping someone has some insight on this issue.
Thank you for any help you can give me.

Yes, you will need to open the gearbox to find out what’s broken. What are your
machine dimensions and sled weight? that could have contributed to the problem.

David Lang

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Thank you for your help. Here is a short video of the problem.

Video of the problem

My sled weight is 22 lbs, it is the standard sled configuration. The motor spindles of 473 mm above the plywood, and have 3005.05 mm between them. Standard, landscape layout for a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood.

Inside the gearbox I saw metal shavings stuck in grease on the side of the box interior. Gearbox interior pic.

Will the high strength gears fix this? Or will I need to order a whole new motor and gearbox assembly?

Thank you for your help!

I was able to actually pull the gears out and found a flat spot on one of the gears.
However I can’t get the link to the motor gear upgrade to work. Does anyone know of a supplier for the gears? Or do I need to just order a whole new motor and gearbox?

Thank you,

where did you get your motor from and how long have you had them? i believe the motors should already have the upgraded gears in them by now.

I have had the Maslow as a whole for 4 years now. It’s motors and gearboxes are original to the kit.

I was able to get in contact with MakerMade and they are sending me a new gear.

Thank you for your help.