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Motor Specification Sheets

Does anyone have a copy of the left/right motor specifications sheet? I remember seeing multiple links and posts with them on the forums but I couldnt find them now.

try here. In that post this link looked most promising, though I’m unsure if it is the exact one. Likely that you can use whatever one you want if you get the encoder and the gearing correct for movement distance and you have the correct voltage feeding it power.

Not looking to buy a new motor so much as I’m trying to find the specifications for the L/R and Z motors if possible. The spec sheets were on the GitHub at one point and they were also posted to the forums but now I cant find them. I had downloaded them at one point but they got lost during a purge.

I was thinking the sales page would have the info you seek…
This is a possible motor you have for left/right. Your z axis motor will not be this one (I have this one).

this pic above came from this thread.

I think you might be looking for these: Electronics/Documentation/Data Sheets at master · MaslowCNC/Electronics · GitHub

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12v, 2a, ~300:1 gear ratio, 7ppr encoder on the motor shaft, able to apply ~66
lb force with a 10 tooth sprocket (2.5" circumfrance), I think this was 10N/cm

David Lang


There they are…

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Thank you. that helps too.

so the resolution of the L/R motor is calculated as:

7 x 300 x 4 = 8400ppr correct?

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roughly, the gear ratio is a little below 300:1 (we had to open up the gearbox
to count the teeth on the gears toget the actual ratio, the documented ratio
ended up only being ‘close’)

in the code e define this value.

David Lang

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Thank you, that helps out alot.

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