Motor Stuck, Suspect Gears Are Stripped

In the middle of a very long program the left motor stopped working. Here’s where it went wrong:

With the sled on, it jerks the sled like it’s trying to move and gears are slipping. Without the sled, it moves, but makes grinding noises.

I ran the motor test, and all motors passed:

I’m hoping I can still salvage this piece by flipping it over and cutting the other side. But, this is seriously bad. I suspect the gears in the motor are stripped. Anyone have advice on troubleshooting this? Should I open the motor gearbox and check it?

Maslow surplus parts used to be selling replacement gears on the garden, but it looks like they’re sold out now.
If you do take it apart, have this thread handy, it shows how all the gears mesh.
Most likely your grease will have turned a blackish color and be full of metal shavings from the stripped gear. Maybe someone else knows where you might get a replacement gear? @bar @Maslow_Surplus_Parts

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Yep. Stripped gear. :frowning:

Oh, shoot! This is exactly what I need, but sold out.

Oh, shoot! Minimum order for a motor on Alibaba is 3000.

You can buy a whole new motor from maslowsurplusparts, I think they’re $52 +s/h
But maybe someone here has an idea of where you might be able to get just a gear.

Oh, yeah, it’s right here: I missed it first time I looked. I’ll look around for one of those gears, but at least I can order a new motor.

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For what used to be $35…

Thank you @Maslow_Surplus_Parts. Replaced my broken motor.

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