Motors Fail test - blinking power light

Just got the frame built today, now getting all the electrics hooked up. But I get a FAIL for the motors when doing the test. I’ve tried changing the connections around, but no luck.

I get a little squeek from the motor when its doing the test, but no movement, and a FAIL in GroundControl.

I have a blinking power light on the Maslow board and a blinking power light on the power transformer. Could this be an issue? (not getting a constant flow of power?)

thanks, hope I’m missing something super simple here!

That sounds like the issue to me. Do you see the blinking light on the power supply when it is not plugged into the control board? I believe that the power supply light will blink when it’s built in short circuit protection is activated which could mean there is a short circuit in either the power supply or the arduino shield.

Thank you for the quick reply. The one variable I didn’t try was changing my 240 wall socket (I’m in France). Plugged it into another one in the house and we are all good to go!

Loving the support of this community. Once I’m up and running I hope to be able to give back as well


Fantastic! Thanks for the update. I’m glad to hear you found the solution…and yeah the community is pretty darn fantastic :grinning:

Sadly the same problem has come up again. I went through the calibration last night, and wanted to do it again today. But when I turn everything on, i get the blinking light on the power adapter…

I’m hoping its just that it got cold (below 45F (10C), so not super cold, but still…) could this be the issue?

Or could it be a faulty adapter, and I was just lucky to turn it on twice?


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I think at this point we should start looking at blaming the adapter…or the controller board. When you see the blinking, if you unplug the adapter from the machine does the blinking stop?

Hey, so it is the transformer, I guess I was lucky to get it working twice… Found one from an LED strip, only kicks out 2A, but seems to work.

Does the Maslow really require the full 5A available from the transformer out of the box?

Nice solution!

You should be able to run some without the full 5A, but you may run into issues at higher federates on some parts of the sheet. I say use the 2A supply for now, but get the makers of your kit to send you a replacement power supply.