Motors won't spin

I am having an issue.
The motors on my new machine don’t spin.
i am trying to run the calibration.
I am at the screen to make the cogs vertical and clicking any of the adjustment buttons don’t do anything.

the board has power and it says its connected.

what other things should i check or do?

Make sure the power supply is connected to the motor board and not to the arduino mega board.


There are 2 connectors the one on the shield is the upper most, look for the LED on the shield as wellas verifying the plug the power brick is plugged into. Also in Ground Control look for “test motors”.

Thank you

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The power is plugged in correctly. There are two different LED lights on.

I think i clicked the Test Motors button but it didn’t do anything. I will go try again and report back

Power was hooked up correctly. But running that test seems to have fixed everything.
Thanks to both of you for your responses