First time Calibration - No Motor action

So I’m trying to calibrate for the first time but the motors will not turn.
Shows Connected on GC home screen, but I get an error message.
Unable to find machine position for chain lengths Please set the chains to a known length (Actions - Set Chain Length) - What do I set it to.

I also run the Motor Test - But it reads “Fail” for each X,Y, and Z Motors.
When I go to calibrate and I get to the Motor Calibration and I try to toggle the motor I get
the bottom Message. The sled is not keeping up with its expecteed position and has halted. Click stop to clear.



the most common cause of this is that the power is plugged into the arduino
instead of into the motor shield.

David Lang

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@dlang is right. This is most likely a power issue of some sort. Does the green LED on the controller board light up when you plug the power supply in?

That’s the one thing I really appreciated the most about the EastBaySource kit I got. They have it set up where it can only be plugged into the right power port. The other one was capped off. I could see that being confusing had it not been capped.

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I didn’t have it plugged up to the Board. Thanks for all the replies.