Mounting motors under the beam

Just wondering if anyone ever tried to mount the motors under the beam.

I am making a wall mount my garage roof is pretty low and I made my frame just a bit too high.
In short, can I mount the motors on the beam from below? What would the drawbacks be?

what matters is the distance from the sprockets to the workpiece (and between
them), how they are held in place doesn’t matter (as long as it is stiff enough)

so you should have no problems mounting them under the beam, just check the
spreadsheet to see how the distances end up working (consider lowering the
workpiece closer to the floor if needed)

David Lang

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Thank you, will proceed then.

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You also need to keep in mind how far the motor stand out from the cutting surface. The general rule of thumb is that the chains should be parallel to the cutting surface. This depends on the sled mounting system you are using and the balance of the sled.

I have actually thought about changing my setup to mount them under the beam. It’s a reduction on height above the work surface, but my Maslow frame moves around the garage and encounters overhead obstacles like hanging bikes and a wall mounted shop vac. Would help keep the motors and cables safe from impact.

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