What is distance of motor mount to worksurface?

I understand that ideal is to have chain parallel to work-surface. As I am trying to as much design before I have motors or ring, I can’t make the measurement my self, and was hoping someone else already has this information. Basically I want to know what the measurement is between motor mounting and work-surface in terms of z in respect to plane of work-surface.


@dlang answered that question somewhere in this massive thread (I don’t know where):


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Found it…

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Thanks, I tried to looking through but couldn’t find it. Overall it doesn’t seem as exact as I was expecting.

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If you want to keep the sprocket, the chain, and the linkage kit all in the same plane, it adds up. The variable is the height of the linkage kit above the sled.

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The problem is that it depends on the weight, and weight distribution of your
router, your bricks, and your sled.

This is why I designed the top beam to be adjustable in distance out, so it
could be adjusted to match the sled (a feature that got cut from the final frame
design for simplicity)