Move to start position and then Z lift instead of safe traverse

How can I get Z lift to safe traverse or “clearance” height (as defined in Fusion360) before the move to the first cut position? I either had a bad Z number or a bowed board and the bit dragged a line all the way to the start position, ruining my board (lucky it was just a test piece).

Any way to force a Z move before the travel? I can manually turn on the spindle after the move or I can copy and paste a Z move but I’d like to find a permanent solution.


That is going to be a setting in Fusion since it’s a command that should be in the gcode. You are probably also safe to manually command the z-axis to a safe height after zeroing it. The G0 X-151.... command will move the machine to the starting location and then the G0 Z5 will adjust the z-axis height as needed.

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I inserted the Z move into some cuts and it works great. I also found that just moving it manually right before I hit play is faster and easier. It would be good to throw a warning in for beginners somewhere to avoid a ruined stock piece.

I’m pretty surprised that fusion doesn’t do that automatically. Most CAM programs should do that without you needing to do anything

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I’ve been looking high and low for some kind of “pre-script” section like you would find in a 3D printing slicer but there’s nothing. I also just discovered that if I group operations by bit and create an NC program, the drop down for post processor doesn’t have the custom maslow one, just a generic GRBL processor. I guess I’m post processing and stitching different cuts together now. Making me want to take a serious look at another program for control and just use F360 for the design part.