Moving to RPI questions

Hey all. I got my Maslow up and running and made a couple cuts. The thing I’d say I’m the most unhappy with is having my laptop connected as it runs the whole time. I’m wanting to get into the RPI build with Webcontrol so I can just manipulate the Maslow from a phone or remotely.

That being said - I don’t have a RPI and I don’t know what I need to know to get it up and running. I’ve seen some of the simple guides, but any guidance would be appreciated.

Specific questions here:

  1. What RPI do I need? I’m looking at the 4B, but do I need 1 GB, 2GB, 4 GB, or 8 GB model?
  2. What accessories do I need with it? Power supply and SD card? What else?
  3. I’m seeing a lot about this new updated version of MakerVerse making WebControl obsolete - is it worth even updating to an RPI to use webcontrol if webcontrol will be obsolete soon?

Anything else? Looking to order soon to work with it on my next cuts :slight_smile:


I don’t see WebControl as obsolete. It’s good to have while makerverse is developing. You can run both on a Pi. The 2GB version should do.

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I won’t give up WebControl… been cutting perfect for me for weeks!

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Power 5V,3A yes. I’ve ordered a IR-remote set, but thats just toys to play with. SD anything 32GB or above should do. From my 32GB there is 10 left with WC and MV installed plus vnc-server.

Cooling and casing perhaps. I’ve ordered this one that seems to be both.
Armor Aluminum Alloy Case Dual Fan

If you want to attach a screen/run a GUI go for the 4GB version. If you are running “headless”/without GUI/Screen 2GB are enough.

I have this one and it seems to interfere with Wireless. I cant exclude that my RPI 4 Board has a damaged wifi module but you can also find postings from people saying that this casing will give you wifi problems.

So either use 10-base-T cabling or use an external wifi adapter. Which is what i did. But for the latter solution you have to edit some config files.

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Good to know. Thanks. I’ll keep an eye on that. Makes sense, as the aluminium covers the wifi module. I do have a usb-wifi module to work around it.

the 3b+ or the Raspberry 4 will work. I’d spend the money on a new Rpi4 with more ram and a good cooling fan case. That being said by the time you buy everything you are looking at $110 plus and you can get a decent used i5 notebook for that price and just leave it in the shop.

This is a good suggestion: thanks!