My circles are ovals

I’m new on this forum. I come from France and my english is not perfect. Sorry.

I bought a M2 last year.
The first calibrations were quite good but not perfect. I enjoyed used this staff.

Last month my PC crashed so I started software installation and new calibration from scratch.

This time, even if I think I did like the first time, my calibration is good but I have a geometry problem.
My circles goes ovals.
And my quares are trapeze.
But everything seems to bee good in the calibration process, my accuracy is about 1mm.

I’m using latest makerverse version (on makermade website) and latest arduino due driver (from arduino software on microsoft store). I suppose they are the latests, i downloaded them after formating.

Do you have an idea on what should I check?

My frame is relatively “standard”, 1200mm x 2400mm, i followed the makermade tutorial and my parts are quiely identical to inches measures.
I maybe made a mistake measuring chains.
I had doubts about the measurement between the frame and the axis of the motors…
Is there any other software than makerverse with more powerfull geometry calibration or tests?

Thank you in advance for your help

I haven’t experienced this problem yet. I would:
Check all connections.
Check chain length for chain skip (hopefully you marked the sprocket/chain)
Double check all your measurements.
Reaccomplish calibration.

Hi, thanks for the answer.
I don’t understand what you mean saying : “Check chain length for chain skip”?

I’m not too keen on Makerverse calibration. In calibration, it should of made you run chain out to a certain distance, if you marked the chains at this point it will allow you to check for chain skip or reset chains if they skipped or fell off. If not I’d just do a full calibration with remeasuring all measurements. Fat fingering numbers or accidentally inputting inches instead of mm have been the culprit of many issues.

I’ll start from scratch again to be sure.