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My First Cut: Skin on Frame Kayak part

My first cut, made this weekend, was a part I designed in Fusion 360 for a skin on frame Kayak. I built one a few years ago, all hand cut with a saber saw, and the first time I saw a Maslow running, I knew what I’d use it for. One year later, here’s by first cut!

A couple of things I learned, you have to be in the parent of the job when you run the post processor to generate g-code (It only cut the outer profile since that’s what I was on), and tabs won’t be tabs if you make them too small.

The dimensions are about 1 mm wider and 1mm shorter than my design, which is completely within my expectations. I’ve cut one more design revision, and I’m getting ready to cut a second. I’m more than pleased. I’ll be documenting my design and build here: Skin on frame kayak project.