Thank you MaslowCNC

I have wanted a CNC for quite awhile, just hard to pull the trigger on $2,000-10,000 machine and know nothing about CAD and CAM software. But with that said, my MaslowCNC is beginning to make stuff that I can use. I had a little trouble getting ground control to work, new lap top solved that, had trouble making G-Code, forums helped with that. USB kept loosing signal, forums helped with that (think that post came from August 2017). But I must say I am pleased with my MaslowCNC. I used my temporary sled to cut my main sled, there is a hiccup here, and I am still waiting for a solution, but I was able to get the final sled made that I am using. Couldn’t wait to cut something else, so I made a quick arrow head in OnShape, used kirimoto to make some G-code. BAM! Made a new sled and decided to cut out a wooden gear, and just like that I have a wooden gear. Just for kicks and giggles I thought I would see what the accuracy would be on at 2x2 square block. I must say I am pleased with my MaslowCNC!!! Thank you MaslowCNC


Impressive cuts - thanks for sharing! This is very encouraging.

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Thank YOU for making it all possible!!

I too always wanted a CNC machine (a BIG one) but it never seemed in the relm of possibility. This community took what was a dream and a semi-functional machine in my garage and made it a real thing. Someday when big affordable CNC machines are the norm, everyone here will be able to look at them and say “that exists because I supported it”