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My take on a storage frame

Here’s my take on a portable storage frame. I wanted something with a 12ft bar and larger cutting bed (6’x10’).It’s an amalgam of Jay’s storage frame with inspiration from Wyatt’s lay back frame for the cutting bed. I may switch to adjustable feet and retractable casters in the final build. The final design will have a plywood bottom and back in the sheet area and a way to store long boards as well. Also considering inlaying t-track like mentioned on the Technically Wizardry frame to enable adjustable skirts and doubling as a makeshift panel saw.

Looking for feedback on things I may have overlooked.

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How far down are you hoping to cut? The bottom foot or so of the bed will be unusable as your sled will hit the ground.

I like having a little shelf at the base of the bed to rest heavy sheets on while I secure them. A 1/2" sheet of plywood it annoying to hold, align and secure by yourself.

I found my storage frame was OK to leave on heavy duty locking casters. In my opinion there is no need to sit it on the ground since the weight of extra sheets in storage keeps it planted firmly enough for how slow the Maslow cuts.

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The bottom of the bed is just shy of 5" from the ground. Combine that with the skirt and the clearance to the ground shouldn’t be an issue. The plan is to attach/adjust the shelf/skirt as needed for the piece I’m cutting. Probably with screws at first and then using the t-track once I’ve validated the frame. The plywood shown is part of the structure. There will be a wasteboard, most likely 1/2" foam, between it and the actual work piece. The feet and retractable casters were more to be able to level it but perhaps I’ll start with ones like in the drawing and and see if that’s even necessary.

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