Name change for Webcontrol Calibration options?

Change the names of the calibration options in Webcontrol?

  • No, leave as Triangular and Holey
  • Yes, change to Classic and Precision
  • Yes, change to Triangular and Precision
  • Yes, change to Triangular and Hexagonal
  • Yes, change to Classic and Hex
  • Yes, change to Triangular and Polygon
  • Yes, change to Classic and Polygon
  • Yes, change to Standard and Precise
  • Yes, change to Standard and Hex
  • Yes, change to Standard and Polygon
  • No, this is stupid and quit bothering me with dumb questions

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suggestions for other nomenclature changes could be listed below here as well.

I chose to leave nomenclature as it is.

My rational: Wiki, how-to, tips, trouble-shooting, general discussion posts contain the original nomenclature. Do not want to create confusion for new users or people searching for answers or trouble shooting problems.

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I am with Tim on this one. I chose to leave it the same as I (as I am sure the other “older” Maslow users) am used to calling it Triangular (from the original GroundControl) and Holey (From the change over to WebControl) and the fact that it makes “Holes” to test/accept calibration. Just my opinion, and have no issues if I am asked to sit down. I’ll just quietly color over here in the corner…today’s color is fuchsia!!


@c00nphrog you could have chosen option 3… no need to sit in the corner, though I am curious which day the color is chartreuse.

Just because I think it is a good idea, doesn’t mean it is. It may just be an idea and will pass. So far, the No’s have it. It is still early. You know what they say: vote early, vote often.

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I agree with Tim, the names aren’t good, but they are referenced in enough places that I don’t think it’s worth the effort to switch.

If we do switch, we need to have webcontrol include both names for several years for the migration

If we do switch, I like ‘classic’ for the original triangulation version, but I don’t know what is right for holey

I would like to see a variation of holey that flips the script a bit in generating the calibration values, but then uses the same math under the covers (I’ll post that in a separate topic)


@Orob I don’t think it was a stupid question, I just like the originals!! (I’m a sucker for nostalgia, as well as a big proponent of “if it ain’t broke…”).

Chartreuse is every third day that ends in “y” except for Friday, Tuesday, and Sunday (according to a friend!!) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Current Holey name makes no sense as I guess it refers to the fact that it uses holes???

I would much prefer that it be called something else that reflects HOW it functions. Besides, for some dumb reason every time I read or say it I want to call it Holly calibration. As in deck the halls with….

Practically speaking, @dlang is correct. The current names could be better but because of the history and documentation involved, it could be really confusing. Maybe if a significant enough of a change is made to Holey Cal then we can refer to it as something new