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Need a gcode file with an arc that has z-axis movement


I’m testing out a 3d renderer and need a gcode file that has a z-axis movement during an arc movement. I’m not sure how to make one (it doesn’t look like makercam supports it). Can someone post a test file or otherwise make it available to me? I can give you my email address if you have one.




I think you could get that by using MeshCAM. They give a 15 day trial license.

Thank you


If you’re using firmware from the current Master branch (after PR#477), you can add a Z term to any G2/G3 line to see z axis coordinated movement. Here’s a simple one with two circles that I used to test that PR (G3 goes CCW, G2 goes CW):
[edit - I added lines to give additional depth to the circles]

G20 G90
G0 X0 Y0 Z0
G3 X.0 Y0.001 Z-0.5 I1.0 J0.0 F100
G3 X.0 Y0.001 Z-1.05 I1.0 J0.0 F100
G3 X.0 Y0.001 Z-1.5 I1.0 J0.0 F100
G0 X0 Y0
G2 X.0 Y0.001 Z-1.0 I-1.0 J0.0 F100
G2 X.0 Y0.001 Z-0.5 I-1.0 J0.0 F100
G2 X.0 Y0.001 Z0.0 I-1.0 J0.0 F100
G0 X0 Y0



This look correct?




I hope this gets into the default docker image soon :grin:.
I haven’t mastered the process of rolling my own, and the default docker image is sort of hard-coded into webMCP’s update button, isn’t it?
While I’m wishing, how about making either the ‘Running’ or ‘Responsive’ button trigger an action to open localhost:5000?


I’m back in town tomorrow. But I’ve been thinking of how to do a system that does an auto build of the dockers.

I think I can add the auto load… I’ll look into it.