Z axis not moving up and down during cut - missing commands in Gcode conversion?

Hey Everyone,

Been lurking for a while and wanted to say ‘thanks’ for all the help so far.

Have things pretty well dialed and making first real practice cut. Downloaded SVG to Gcode for my conversion program. Makes the conversion simply enough but the exporting options are confusing (to me).

So while the program is running, the Z axis won’t raise or lower while moving to and from cut areas.

Am I not exporting the file correctly? Is this program bunk because it’s free and I need something more robust?


I don’t have any experience with that particular program so I can’t be super helpful, but if you want a quick way to see what different settings do check out:

It will let you look at the moves the machine will make in 3D. I bet there is a setting in there which makes the z-axis do what you want, I just don’t know what it is

Very cool. Will play around with that.

The option “z-plunge (for engrave)” in your screenshot will certainly add gcode that sets Z height but it appears to use a fixed value and am not certain what it will do. If you use it make sure to test the output gcode in the NC Viewer as @bar suggested. If unsure how it will work then post the exported gcode here as an upload (Up arrow icon in editor - 7th from left).

You may also want to try Easel which is free once you sign up. It supports SVG import, different tools, and provides a visual preview of end result. Great for simple engravings.

Might be easier than what you are using right now.

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Yes that looks like that program was made in this century. Thanks - will definitely check it out.

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