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Z Axis depth change on the fly

Howdy Team,

Is there any possible way to in crease the Z depth on the ground control 1.26 with the G code loaded?
Note My safety Height is at .050 above stock and i would like to add .100 to the cut)

Thanks in advance,
Be Safe,

It’s a pretty big hack, but you could adjust the mmPerRotation setting for the z-axis. It wouldn’t modify the gcode file which has already been created, but it would “stretch” everything along the z-axis. Honestly it’s probably not a good idea and going to cause more trouble than good though.

If you can I would tweak the settings where you are generating the gcode.

Thanks for quick reply!

I forgot to change the z in makercam! :grin:

I did not want to have to recreate the g code, due to the current wood prices!..

BTW I’m making cornhole games! Please pass it along to the community,

We all use an xtra buck!

Thanks again!
Be safe

Nigel M.
Cambridge Ontario Oh Canada!

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Gotcha, I’ve done that for sure. If you still have the makercam file open you can change the z-axis depth and as long as you don’t move the home position an updated file will load in exactly the same place in Ground Control.

Excellent. Thanks for the update, I’ve always wondered about reloading a Modified file and was always too afraid to shadow cut it!

I have just recently felt comfortable lowering my safe travel height… Go figure! Lol :slight_smile:

Have a great day,
Thanks again,

Nigel M.

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What about just opening the gcode in Notepad and doing a find/replace for the specific z-height you want to change? Depending on the complexity of the program, it might not take too long to review each one before replacing the value.

I did something similar before when trying to replace G1 travel moves with G0s when Fusion 360 changed the functionality of their free version.