Where buy chain cogs


I’m ending the instalation of my maslow, when I mounting the tension chain hardware, one of the chain cog went off and I lost it. I’m traying to buy in the Maslow Surplus parts but the shipping cost is very expensive to my home. Please, anybody could tell me the expecification of the chain cog? or where could I buy it?


The one on the motor shaft, or the one for the slack chain?
Where is your home?
#25 ANSI roller chain sprocket is what to search for.

If it the one for the slack chain, while you wait for delivery:
2 washers:

or a sewing machine bobbin:
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It is on the slack chain like the videos.
I live in Tenerife in Canary Islands, Spain
It is possible that these solutions work forever?

Thanks for your response and for the videos!

With the washers out of steal, i would be worried that the chain will show some wear over time.
The sewing machine bobbins are also available in aluminium. Here the bobbin will show some wear over time, but should hold up quite long and the chain should be safe because aluminium is softer.

Long back I made a few holidays in Las Caletillas.
Good memories of Tappas, Carajillo and Rioja. :slight_smile:

Edit: Something like this should also work fine 8mm or 10mm chain roller tensioner pulley wheel guide sprocket for 125 xr crf klx11pit dirt bike Sale - Banggood.com

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Wow Gero, amazing you have been in Tenerife!
Thanks a lot for your tricks, I will use them and I hope that I will found the chain sprocket

Best Regards

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This is how i stopped them from running away :slight_smile: