Temporary boat frames

Made temporary frames with the Maslow for a 6,5 meter sailboat.
It will be constructed with the strip plank method.
Boat design was done with Delftship software, stations exported in .dxf
Further drawing in librecad and exported as makercam .svg
Finally the .nc files with partkam(makercam)
Amazing accuracy (within 1mm) at this large scale,really pleased.



Nice. My son and I are building a strip built canoe for him. I’m just now setting up the maslow so he had to cut the station forms by hand and sand etc.
I look forward to cutting future forms on the maslow though!



@Brr so cool!! (Also, I like your name :wink:)

So to make sure I understand right, these are forms which will be removed once all of the planks are in place?

That is a really cool technique that I wasn’t aware of. I like the idea of using Maslow to create a form like that. Awesome!

Thanks Bar,
This is what I had in mind when I bought the Maslow, large frames for boatbuilding!
Yes, the frames will be removed. Plank it, coat it with epoxy and fiberglass, pull it from the frames and epoxy and fiberglass the inside,then install permanent frames and interior. It creates a really strong Hull.


This is what I’m talking about! Very freaking cool! :sunglasses:

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This is really cool and the reason I am interested in this approach to routing. I’ve got a lot of learning to do to get to the level of the first posters but I’m determined to get there. The boat I’d like to produce parts for is an i550.