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New 2018 Maslowe CNC for sale



I’m selling the Marlowe CNC I bought in July 2018. I never got around to setting it up and don’t see that happening anytime soon.

I opened the box to verify everything was in there. Description on the order receipt is “Maslow CNC Base Machine & Z Axis Kits - US Power Supply”

I paid $410, and that’s what I’m asking! for now. I’ll pay shipping within the US. I’ll just tape the box shut and ship it to you USPS Priority mail from San Francisco, CA.

Thanks! I hope someone can put it to good use making amazing things instead of gathering dust in my garage.




Hmm maybe. Just maybe. Sleeping on it


My Father in law lives in San Fran and used to work with robots. He admired my Maslow last time he visited. He may, however, live in an apartment! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
@Abslte23 , Welcome to the forum! Grab this thing up (if you’re ready for the adventure). Sounds like a good deal!


I’m definitely interested in getting a second one. Can you dm me? I am in Morgan Hill just south of you.



Hello. I’m very interested in your kit. Did you end up selling it? If not, please let me know. I am in San Carlos and could come to SF to pick it up. I just need a couple of days to finish a sale of some other hardware.



Great! So far, still for sale. I had another person interested, but have not heard back, so it’s up for grabs. Let me know!




Hi Matt,

I’m trying to sell some large stepper motors this week so I’ll know for sure by Friday. Of course I understand if it sells before then but I’m going to try and move these as quick as I can.

Do you travel down the peninsula much? My shop is i San Carlos. I don’t mind driving to the city either. What area are you in?





I thought I was going to meet you to purchase this after I got paid…?


Sorry, I never heard back for you about when and where we would meet. If you are still interested, you are first in line. Please let me know when and where works for you.