New and improved marker holder to draw on the CNC

Lol, I planned on using some pocket cuts to color the Ibis, not chicken, but my kids insisted on doing it the old fashioned way


I gave you another like for letting your kids do the coloring of the chicken :wink: Go Noles!

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It looks great. My cutouts are all a family project that we paint together. I hope to see more from you soon.

I’m really interested in knowing the process you use to prepare the gcode for these drawings if you have time to share. ie from source image to being able loading the job in ground control.

I’m wanting to do some of my own, where the outside is going to be easy enough to cut with a jigsaw, but the inside drawings is going to be quite complex. My rig is also not using a rigid router, but a fixed one, so may have to go down the mini sharpie jammed directly into the collet.

This is a video I made to convert an image to a svg.

This Is a video I made on how to create the tool paths in maker cam.


I’ve tried your design but cannot seem to get the pen and springs together. Could you send a little more explicit diagram? I know it seems obvious but somehow I’m not able to arrange them correctly

I sent you a message with my number, give me a call and I will walk you through it.

I have a smaller router, so to get this to work, I would need to shrink it proportionally, but will then need to respecify the hole for the marker. What is the marker hole size that you used?

You can use my cad file with onshape. Open up the drawing and just change the outside dimensions. You can leave all of the inner dimensions alone.


I remember I had to sand the inner barrel to friction fit inside the outer 1/4 in. diameter barrel. I used a small diameter ink cartage and had to cut it to length. LMK how it goes. Jon

I tested using the v2 marker holder today. It’s working exactly as promised. (Now I just need to calibrate my rig again… my circle looks like an oval)

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It could be the calibration or it could be the weight. The chains are typically calibrated for the tension that the router puts on it. I attach the router with bungee cords and it drew a perfect circle. Try hanging the router on the bottom and see if gives you better results. And please send some pics. I want to see your work

Using the Sharpie has made adjustments SO much easier. No wasted wood and easy to see progress. Btw, I have adjusted the Rotational distance and tweaked the Distance between motors until my squares and circles are pretty “true.” I think we have some “chain sag” to account for but overall it’s working for what we’re trying. Also I need to get a new Sharpie…already crushed the tip of the one being used for testing :slight_smile:

We have some old flooring chunks from the high school gym that people bought as a donation to supplement the new flooring’s cost. Last year we had great success using the Maslow to “etch” the names, graduation year, and maybe a volleyball or basketball. Using the markers has allowed me to get it back to working order so much fater than before.

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It looks great. You may have too much tension on the rubber and or traveling too far with the z axis that is causing you to crush the marker. You really only want a small amount of force on the marker. I had the same problem because I wanted it really snug. It looks like something you will use a lot. Good luck and keep us posted.

And on another note as well, I debated on putting a third brick in the middle. I was going to break off a brick to match the weight of the router and then hang it instead of the router. I was going to lock it down with thumb screws to make it quick to add or remove it. It may be something you can try as well.

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Final Product. Sadly I had the top right chain start to grab at one point (you can see the slight “skip” on the right side of the ball. But other than that it worked well.

The old flooring has about 3 inches of backing material so built a 2x4 lip that it sits on during the cutting. But the extra angle placed on the chains is almost too much…but not quite :slight_smile:

We cant see the picture! I am excited for the final result :grinning:

Thanks for the reference link. I pulled it off of thingiverse, shrunk it to 80 mm for my router clamp size, then put a new hole through the middle, exported to cura and sliced it with 10% infill and printed it with red PLA. Here it is:

That looks great. I can’t wait to see what you draw with it. Please keep us posted

Let me try that again.

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