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New and improved marker holder to draw on the CNC

Lol, I planned on using some pocket cuts to color the Ibis, not chicken, but my kids insisted on doing it the old fashioned way


I gave you another like for letting your kids do the coloring of the chicken :wink: Go Noles!

It looks great. My cutouts are all a family project that we paint together. I hope to see more from you soon.

Iā€™m really interested in knowing the process you use to prepare the gcode for these drawings if you have time to share. ie from source image to being able loading the job in ground control.

Iā€™m wanting to do some of my own, where the outside is going to be easy enough to cut with a jigsaw, but the inside drawings is going to be quite complex. My rig is also not using a rigid router, but a fixed one, so may have to go down the mini sharpie jammed directly into the collet.

This is a video I made to convert an image to a svg.

This Is a video I made on how to create the tool paths in maker cam.