New counterweights to eliminate chain shag on far ends

Hello I am using maslow for more over a year now with a custom metal frame and counter weights and I am overall please with my results (0,01 accuracy in the most parts of the board.) except the corners and upper middle part. I have a thought I want to share with you. I am attaching a design of an extra counterweights system that I have designed but not tested and I want your opinions on this.
I think that if we add 2 extra counterweights on the bottom of the sled it will eliminate the chain shag on the far ends. any suggestions are welcome!!

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I was thinking of a similar idea for my maslow but not yet tested.

My mechanical engineering days are rusty, but wont’ the left and right force vectors simply cancel each other out? that would leave only a down force vector which is the same as adding more weight to the sled which would be easier to do.

having a 12 ft or longer top motor bar seperations seems to be the easiest solution IMHO.

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They cancel each other you are correct BUT as I think (but not quite sure about it) they will still pull evenly the sled towards the corner eliminating the chain shag.

Pulling evenly is the same as canceling out :slight_smile:
But i don’t think they will be pulling evenly, if you draw your sled more to the right, the right rope pulls mostly down and the left one mostly to the left, which would make things worse.