New Frame build experiences

There are a few threads here regarding the design of the new frame ( , but now as people are getting their new kits, and will start building them, I think it would be helpful to have a thread where people can post their experience building the new frame using the wiki instructions, and post any questions or problems they have.


Good idea!

Reading those instructions again, I see that the bill of materials calls out two sheets of 3/4" plywood. One sheet is used for the back but the second sheet is not mentioned again. I’m guessing it’s meant for cutting out the sled but can @dlang or @madgrizzle confirm?


I’m not entirely sure of the intent of the two pieces of plywood.

The frame was designed so that the plywood wasn’t a structural component (it could stand and work on its one). This way, you could install a spoilboard out of whatever material you desired directly (plywood, foam, etc) to the frame.

So… if you were going to use the first sheet as a spoilboard, you’ll need another sheet to make a temporary sled in order to cut the round permanent sled if you are following the directions. This might be where the second sheet of plywood came from. Note: you can make the final sled by hand if you can cut a circle… you don’t have to make a temporary sled and then use maslow to cut a final sled. In reality, it doesn’t have to be round… you just want it not to snag on areas that have already been cut-out. I think @bee had a design for an octagon sled. The real key is to round the bottom edge out so there’s no sharp edges.


That’s exactly right :slight_smile:


You cant have too much plywood :smiley:
I recently built my frame according to bars bolt together design. It was a fantastic cheap experience. I did alot of hole drilling with my battery powered drill. the end product is surprisingly portable and compact when only partly broken down. makes for easy storing too! I am hatching a plan to replace the back spoilboard with something lighter / cheaper but have yet to come up with a better solution. All in all, Im glad I went with the bolt method.


How about a picture?

My thoughts exactly. Last night I think I figured out a template system that will let me use this as a one-step-to-done solution:

I’ll start a new thread about it when I do so this stays on topic.


I thought about using the same thing. Its pretty inexpensive, round and has smoothed edges.


Do they offer a thinner version? Giving up a full inch to sled wood does reduce the travel available for the z-axis. That circle would get you up and running quickly, though!

Sadly, no…but maybe somewhere else does? Moving Table Sled discussion to its own topic here:

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Well, we (almost) all have a router, and could pick up a cheap rabbetting bit.

Practice on scrap first…


Here is the bolt together frame folded for storage.


I am currently in the process of building the new “default Frame” . I am about an hour in and the frame is 90% done (need to attach Rear cross member and top beam). Lumber for the Frame was about 40 bucks from home depot i had screws, glue and plywood

  1. I really like the cut list- minor suggestion is to have what cuts are from the 8 footers and which are from the 10.
  2. The approach of measure very little and using parts as spacers very helpful
  3. On the attaching the Back leg to the front leg- i put my screw in a bit to low so when it pivoted it had a corner sticking out. quick fix with a saw (see picture
  4. The mirroring of the second leg took a minute to think thru the picture was very helpful
  5. Make a suggestion on the screw sizes i used 2 1/2 inch seemed fine.
  6. Also point out not pressure treated- this may see obvious but lets make it as easy as possible.

I apologize for what may be a dumb question, but your lumber looks to have much squarer edges than what I ended up with. Is there a prefix that makes it different from what I’d otherwise call a 2x4?

Haha, No sir Claudio. theyre just regular old 2x4’s. maybe its my new camera making things look extra sharp :slight_smile:

not sure if you were asking me or Gallagher but i am regular old 2x4 as well. Edges are rounded.

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