New M2 system update?

I see on facebook that users are starting to get their M2 systems that shipped recently in the first wave and there have been questions and issues so far, but I haven’t seen much here. Has anyone used both old and new systems and have a non-biased opinion / review on the M2? Is it worth it? What are the pitfalls? Do you like CNCjs better than webcontrol? What is the z axis pitch of the M2? Why would you recommend it or not recommend it? If you opt for the 12’ beam, can you use the wall mounts or will moving the beam up to 30" mess with the chain height too much?

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if the beam is moved up to 30" then the wall brackets would need to come out several inches in order for the chains to stay parallel to the board. If one does not do this then it likely to cause chain skipping or the chains coming un done and the sled crashing down.

If I chose to go the Maslow way. I’m leaning towards Metal Maslow. I have a question with their sled design, though.

The slippery plastic tube around the edge seems to raise the sled off the table and ride only on the plastic tube. With the tubes small diameter, isn’t there an increased chance of falling in and bumping over cuts as the sled passes over causing imperfections while cutting?

No and if you try it for yourself you will see why. Take any similar round object like a bowl, and glide it over a surface with cracks, like a wooden deck. Does the bowl fall into the cracks? No for the same reason a square peg doesn’t fit into a round hole.

even if you were cutting out circles of the exact same diameter, one could simple remove the UMHW trim. Sold hundreds of kits, never had anyone tell me the sled fell in.

Metal, Thanks for the quick reply. I assumed that there weren’t any issues. Just wanted to clarify since it differs from the standard design. What’s the difference between the ring system and your linkage. Are there pro/cons between the two or just doing the same thing 2 different ways.

no one has tested them side by side. Personally I think the linkage is able to transmit more torque and thus keep the chains always pointed to the middle. Moving the motors to the sled would also require linkage arms, which is a goal of mine. Just need to find the right cost effective take up spool. And the linkage kits cost $9 to make vs double that for the ring kits.

Will come out with a cheaper ring kit sometime late this year, made up of 2 quarter circles with no bends,

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