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New RPi setup IP reverts to after a few seconds

Setting up my maslow for the first time and trying to get WebControl working on a Rpi 3. I am using the webcontrol-pi image and edited the wpa_supplicant text file as instructed. When I boot the Pi it initially comes up on the proper wireless network and is accessible for a few seconds but then stops responding. If I login to the console and run ifconfig I see that the IP has reverted to the address. I can see the MAC address of my Pi on my access point so I know its associated to the SSID and I have a DHCP reservation set for it in my router.

Any ideas?

check the networking service to see if it is assigning itself a static IP. I’ve never seen one change IP address after initial power-up assignment unless you restart the networking service and manually assign it.

Thanks. I’m not sure how to do what you suggest but I just went ahead and ran the wired drop for it. I always intended to have it wired eventually but didn’t want to take the time to do it when I’m just trying to get it functional right now.