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Hey Cris and Ame, based in Raglan, just got mine before xmas. Ordered the makita 0700c and it fit the kit perfectly. We decided to order the metal maslow, hoping it would make things easier, but so far not so much, haven’t had any support from the metal maslow team as to the setup and still trouble shooting the calibration.

I appreciate the feedback. Thanks!

@walter may still be living near you

@Maui Thanks for the heads up. Just looked into the metal Maslow after seeing your post. Seems interesting. Let me know if you make any progress. Wish I were closer, I love troubleshooting.

@cris2rich4u I’m down in Taita. I’m still working my way back into Maslow. Would be good to stay in touch. Will let you know when I have something to show.

Hi I’m in Whangarei. Bosch Router works well.
Cheers Allister

Hey @cris2rich4u , got it up and running after tapping the z-axis plate and winging the chain pulley system. Seems to be cutting pretty accurately just from dropping svg’s into makerCAM (after tinkering with the profile operation settings) and exporting the gcode into groundcontrol. I’m getting some issues when cutting horizontally near the edge of the board but I can probably add some more weight to the sled or try cutting in the opposite direction to solve this. Overall i’m pretty stoked with the purchase and looking forward to cutting many things.

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I’m based in Auckland, using the Bosch POE 1200 and the z-axis kit.
Only use it sporadically on a hobby basis.


You are pretty close, indeed. It would be great to stay in touch.

I’ve got my maslow up and running and have been cutting lots of fun things. I’m using the default Ridgid router with a transformer to get the 120V(I’m planning to take it back to the states with me in the future). The biggest problem I’m having is consistent Z movement. I’ve added a bungie for consistent pressure down which helped a lot, but yesterday I was doing an extremely long cut and am afraid the ridgid router keyed piece that kind of works (unintentionally) like a lever got worse over the course of the 9 hours I let the program run. Anybody have a z-mod kit solution they prefer? I don’t currently have a 3d printer at my disposal. I’d love to buy a kit that someone has or could put together.

I might have access to a small platform metal cnc machine. I’m wondering if there has been any good posts about just remaking that keyed piece for the r2202 and the stock lead screw with some mods to make it intended for this purpose.

if you want a faster z axis then use some gt2 gears to make the motor about 2x-3x faster.

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I like this bottom pic with the gear ratio for faster Z travel. I can’t tell from the picture, but how is the motor supported? Do you have some links for the items needed for this build?

r22002 z motor support final.DXF (6.0 KB)

it’s just a little piece of 1/8 sheet metal. one can print out the attached dxf file and then drill the holes in a scrap piece of aluminum or steel.

At one point I thought about getting it laser cut to sell, but honestly it just doesn’t make financial sense. One is better off buying a cheaper smaller palm router and putting the money saved towards a cbeam or similar strong z axis solution.

the parts used are the same ones in the above linked thread. about $12 in chinese cnc parts.

motor attached the same was as it always does through the six 4mm threaded screw holes near the shaft.

here information is very useful…

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Hi @cris2rich4u,

I’m also in Upper Hutt and planning on buying the “2021 MakerMade M2 CNC with Laser Engraving Option”. Would be great to catch up for a chat and possibly a bit of a demo if at all possible :slight_smile:

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That would be great. PM me for more contact info

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This looks good.

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Hi, I don’t appear to have the ability yet to send PMs as I think I’m still to new on this forum so if you are able to PM me, I think that would work and help to connect us :grin:

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