New user look at this: Because this does not get enough attention- z-axis

On the rigid 2202 (the sugested router with the original kit)

you may find the rigid does not cut at the correct depth, or the router does not move up and down the way it should. Every problem is different but here is what I found on mine.

The Zaxis kit attaches to the router lift screw in the base. The problem is with that router not the kit.

The router screw can slide up and down in the base 1/16" of an inch as their is a gap between screw base and base holder flange. A washer will help that.

2nd the router screw clamp (the lever with the orange button on the screw) is loose and can twist up and down between 1/16 and 1/8 of an inch…

There are lots of solutions posted on this forum to increase zaxis speed and accuracy.

But just wanted to share why this happens with the Rigid.

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Okay I performed my fixes:

  1. Added brass bushing via 2 part epoxy to top of screw clamp (with orange button). Works great! - Con: reduces how height of retraction by 1/2"

  2. Added washer to bottom inside of router screw. Had to flatten washer considerably to work.

Made 3 signs today no hitches. NO MORE SLOP!

BTW I did not use a threaded brass bushing, instead a snug fitting smooth bushing worked fine.

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