Any idea for this router Hitachi M12V2

hello, first of all I introduce myself I’m Hugo from Mexico, excuse my English, I have a problem with the transfer of the Z axis, the router brings a lever mechanism that hinders the screw to go down, I see no other solution to cut, I hope your opinions or advice. Greetings.

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Hi Hugo! I think you need a bigger ring. I don’t see a dust collection, so if you are not using one, could you rotate the router to the gap in the ring?

Edit: I think it for the handles, right? Then rotating will not help :frowning:

either get a bigger ring, or go for one of the pantograph kits

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You could rotate the router so one handle is inline with the top brace(the chains stop at the brace) and the other would come out at the bottom.

Exactly are the handles, it is an excellent idea of a larger ring.

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turning it does not help, since it continues to obstruct either going down or up, I had thought about leaving the ring a little bit longer but not so close to the router, but the weight of the router makes it tilted to the cut, as well as this is fine, I think I’ll try to make a bigger ring


ok, I did what you said and lower the router a little more, now take out the speed control, I’m doing the frame with gcode, I’m excited the cut and calibration are great, the only thing I need now a good bit spiral I have not managed to get it in my region, but I’m delighted about it, another thing I could not place the z axis because the relocation screw is down and the router is very heavy so it needs a lot of force when turning the turn the adjustment, at the moment I do manual, thanks to all and this problem is solved.


Can You install the ring as low as possible over the pad. If the ring is installed high as pictured - at the level of M12V2 handles - the ring interfers with the handles of m12v2. Could You solve this problem by installing the ring lower - closer to the pad surface - maybe this could help as m12v2 is narrower at the base plate level and wider higher at the handles? Do dust collection hose of m12v2 fit under the ring if is installed at the pictured height? I’m waiting for Maslow to be shipped and having mind of also using the Hitachi M12V2. Regards from Lithuania in Northern Europe!

Welcome @Andrius
We need a certain height for all systems to counter balance the router from pulling the sled back.
The weight you put down (bricks) does one part. The only other option you have if your router is long and heavy, is to put the ring (and others) higher. You want to be near 2 or 4.
This how high I have to go with the heavy Bosch GOF 2000.


@Gero thank You for noting the problem of balancing the top heavy router. That explains the need to mount the ring at the level of handles.


You bring the ring lower by desingning the sled that the overall weight is lower with nice systems like here: Wall tilting frame and here:

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I actually removed the handles on my router.

After receiving the MaslowCNC shipment i was surprised with the small size of chains. Hitachi M12V2 look HUGE near the chains. Maybe should i switch to Makita XTR01Z/DTR50/(700 family size) router as it is much smaller weight and size category?

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the chains can handle more weight than the motors, so it’s not going to be a

you are more likely to have a problem with the ring not fitting around the
router (in which case you need to buy a custom ring or use my top pantograph

David Lang

I have mounted and working the hitachi with the normal ring (boy) I have no problems, I need to place the z-axis, the space is reduced in the wooden wheel but does an excellent job of cutting, if you do not like to battle look for one more smaller router, but for the moment is fine.

Could You post a picture of sled with ring and M12V2 inside it. Whas is the altitude of the ring position (in Z direction) from the work surface of the router?
Thank You,