Newbie With Path Workbench Questions

I am trying to use FreeCad to model a five-pointed star and then simulate cutting it out of .25 inch plywood. I feel I have to be able to do this before purchasing a kit. I have done the model. Is there any documentation about the parameters I need to set in the Path Workbench in order to produce and test Gcode? I want to purchase the MetalMaslow in November so would be using the router that comes in the kit. I also welcome any suggestions about modeling, Maslow, FreeCad, etc.

I usually draw in the sketch workbench, pad to my material thickness in the part design workbench and set up the rest in the path workbench.
If you don’t already know him, this guy was a great help for me:


Thanks for your quick reply. That is what I have done but when working with the path workbench to set up the job, I don’t know reasonable values for the parameters such as feed rate, spindle speed, etc. Can I put in pretty much anything just to see if I get a reasonable path and valid Gcode? I have already watched the first two of Sliptonic’s videos and will continue through the entire set. However, it would be very helpful to have some idea of the parameter values I would be using with the Maslow CNC.

I don’t change the parameters, as GroundControl and firmware limit the feedrate. Have not seen that to be too fast. The router speed is controlled manually. I go from lowest to little up till it sounds right.
Tool setup matters though. Your bit size should be correct before creating the toolpath.
So, yes, check if you get a valuable gcode.

Edit: With the padding you need to make sure it expands on the X/Y plane in -Z, or you’ll be cutting in air.

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Thanks, especially the note about expanding in the negative direction on Z.

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