Newest groundcontrol with Makesmith CNC?

I wonder if I can use the latest version of groundcontrol to my old Makesmith? Because Maslow started my CNC-interest again, and I have made a few smaller projects with the Makesmith. However, it seems the version of groundcontrol that I have doesnt take into account tabs and speed of movement, at least not when making the .nc file in

So 1. Can I use the latest version of GroundControl? If not, 2. Which version is the latest one I can use :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks alot in advance, havent started building my Maslow yet… Too many projects… :smiley:

There have been many different discussions on using tabs in Makercam that you might checkout. My basic take on makercam and tabs is things are tricky, and it sometimes does not act as you might expect.

Tabs in makercam
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Adding Tabs on to cuts

I don’t know the answer to whether Ground Control would work for the Makesmith, I imagine @bar would be the best resource for that question.

no, the firmware for makesmith cannot talk to the current ground control.

Thanks fo rthe replies. The tabs problem in makerCam is still a mystery after reading those threads… :slight_smile: But its nice to see others have problem too and I am not alone in my suffering ;), might try Easel then or Fusion 360. I liked the simplicity of Makercam though…

As to which version I should use with my Makesmith @bar which version is the latest that I CAN use :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance, and I’ll “soon” get on track with my Maslow aswell :smiley:

You are right that the current firmware/Ground Control won’t work with Makesmith, but making them work with a traditional XY type CNC router (like Makesmith) is on the Todo list so it hopefully will soon.

To find the last version that will work, just keep scrolling down the release list until the version marked as the last Makesmith release.

They worked for me after I realized that you set the distance from the top of the workpiece (actually from Z0, but that should be the same) rather than tab thickness, and that it wants the distance between tabs.

For example, if you’re using sort-of 0.750 plywood that’s actually 0.71, set the tab for, say, 0.65 (i like them thin, just cut them with my pocket knife). If you want them on a 2" circle, that’s 2 pi (not RPI) or about 6 1/4 inches. Divide that by the number of tabs you want, no need to be too precise (or, for 3, just wing it and use the diameter :slight_smile: ). Works the same in mm, the numbers are just bigger.


Just got my Maslow Kit…Having problems with Ground Control. seems to be uncompatible with the laptop I am using. Any suggestions

Computer make/model? What operating system and version? What symptoms?

There’s zillions of system combinations. I tend to assume that because I know or can see something that everybody else does too, but those telepathy hats haven’t hit the Black Friday (or your local spending festival of choice) sales yet :grinning: