I've got yet another issue

Hey everyone, I’ve got another issue I can’t figure out. I’ve downloaded the audrino IDE, uploaded the firmware, and installed ground control but for some reason ground control keeps displaying “Not Connected” so I’m stuck.
I’m running all this on Mac OS X 10.11 Let me know if you have any ideas or need more information.

The audrino serial monitor checked out so I know the firmware checks out.

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Check if you have the power plugged into the Maslow Shield or The Arduino - It should be plugged into the shield.

I.E. Put it in the top hole not the bottom one …

Thank you

The power is plugged in correctly. Ive also got the green led lit so I’m thinking the usb cable isn’t an issue either.
Additionally I’ve tried reinstalling ground control but i haven’t gotten a different result.

What OS are you on? Have you set a port in Ground Control?

Thank you


Make sure that the Arduino program isn’t running. In GC, Actions/Ports, do you see any on the list with ‘usbserial’ in the name? That would be the one to choose, highlight it and click ‘connect’.

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The OS is mac OS X 10.11.6, and I did NOT select the port in ground control Just in arduino. That was my problem. Thanks guys!!

I can now move the cursor in GC and the motors move on my desk. Hopefully this weekend I’ll get my frame built.


Are you building the new frame design?

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I’m actually looking through the forum at all the different designs to decide which one will work for me. Has the assembly guide changed to reflect the new design or is that still the original?

I had this issue until I plugged in the a/c power end into the power supply transformer with force until it stopped and the blue light on the transformer flickered then stayed on permanently. I restarted ground control and all worked.


It’s a work in progress. The assembly guide currently is the original design.

Thank you

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This is the link to the “new stock frame” that is being finalized.


There is still some ongoing discussion regarding it and some last minute details being worked out on the top beam, but we’d all love for someone who hasn’t been knee deep in it to give us constructive criticism.

  1. read through the instructions and tell us what’s confusing or not clear
  2. try building it and tell us where there are problems or things are difficult to do
  3. overall impression of the build


From that thread I agree, the filtering and documenting has become a large task.

Thank you

here is a link to a version with images

Ok I’ll get familiar with the new design and give it a shot. If I run into any roadblocks I’ll give the forum a shout.