Cannot calibrate, toggles between connection on port com3, and connection timed out

Trying to perform initial calibration of my maslow. I am running Windows 10 Home (64 bit) (I am wondering if the 64 bit is causing a problem, but not sure how to fix that). I have uploaded the latest firmware, uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted the computer, uninstalled antivirus etc. I am using Arduino 1.8.5 and firmware 1.10. I got as far as trying to turn the sprockets into the 12 o’clock position for calibration and nothing happens. I am not the most computer savvy so any help would be greatly appreciated. (For what it’s worth, I have read absolutely everything I could find that is related on the forums and have tried all of the suggestions). I am about 12 hours into trying to get this calibrated!

64-bit Windows is not an issue.

When you load GC, does it say "Not Connected " over in the right hand pane? (text area that scrolls) If it says “Not Connected”, go to Actions->Ports-> and then select the port the controller is installed to. You may have to press Connect after… not sure.

thanks for responding. It toggles back and forth between connected and connection timed out.

I went to actions, ports, connect to port com 3 and there was no change.

Well, toggling back and forth between connected and not connected is a problem.

I assume you checked how well the cable is plugged in to the computer and arduino?

Yes, unplugged, replugged, checked connections repeatedly.

12v power supply is plugged into the Motor Board shield, not the arduino… correct?

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My computer recognizes that the device is plugged in and says “device working properly” under device manager

Yes it is plugged into the shield

try exiting out of GC, go back to the arduino IDE and reinstall the firmware… make sure its successful

The shield is the one with the heat sync on top right?

yes, the one with the heat sink is the motor shield

ok, i will try what you suggested

Do you know if I should use windows installer or windows zip?

For what? the arduino ide?

yes, for arduino install

I don’t think it matters. use whatever you used last time. I just want to make sure you got the firmware uploaded completely with no usb errors

It says that it is already installed and must be uninstalled to install this version. Should I say uninstall?

Hmm… guess not. In GC, what’s the frequency of connection/timeout? How long do you stay connected before timeout and how long in timeout before reconnecting?

Anyone have a suggestion on how @Tanker51 can test out the connectivity to the arduino outside of GC? Will the arduino IDE report connect/disconnect issues over time? He says it comes and goes at a cadence of approximately 1 second. He says he managed to upload the firmware, but GC isn’t acting reliably. (He’s also hit his post limit for the day)