No luck trying to upgrade firmware

I am not the best with github and its nomenclature and how it handles files and how people reference them, i tried to upload the zip file on accident instead of the .bin and it gave an error that there was not enough room of course but now I cannot connect to the maslow in web or find it using firefox and it does not have a website anymore on it (for obvious reasons, it will accept any old file and try to upload it i guess) so how do I factory reset this thing, is there an image i can upload somehow over usb?

thanks in advance

btw I think there is an opportunity to have readable size images in the instructions and file names where you say to upload critical files.

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To update to a release, you just need:
index.html.gz (upload this on the fluidnc tab, green folder button).
maslow.yaml (upload this on the fluidnc tab, green folder button) – but NOTE. if you have calibrated your machine, save off the old file or at least write down the numbers you calibrated to so you can enter them in again. This file is the settings for the maslow, and the stock ones are not useful if you already calibrated or entered numbers in.

Finally, firmware.bin (upload this by using the cloud icon on the same tab)
once all of this is done, you should be in business.

Some people have said that macs sometimes uncompress the index.html.gz file but my mac does not.

Also if you get an error uploading the index.html.gz file that says out of space, first make sure it is exactly index.html.gz and if so, then you can remove the old one with the trashcan icon, then upload the new one and it should fit.


I don’t know if just walking away for a minute helped or your wonderful reply, I restarted it after waiting like half hour or so and I was able to have it connect to my Wi-Fi correctly because I put that in earlier but for some reason I don’t know how long it takes to populate. I did update firmware.bin. and uploaded the yaml from the same latest release.

Thank you for the help and hopefully I can get this thing moving around on this board tomorrow

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