Re-Install Software

I’m looking for help with the software. I went to update index.html.gz and continued to get generic “Error:0.” I tried restarting and now cannot connect to Maslow. Blue light is blinking it’s IP address but unable to connect with typing in IP or maslow.local.

I would like to re-install the software wondering how that would work. I’m familiar with WLED/ESP32’s and RaspPi’s. I imagine I need a install software and and image. Can anyone help with that?

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Yes, I can absolutely help you with that.

The first thing I would try is, is it possible to try restarting somewhere out of rang of your wifi network (or with your home wifi network turned off)?

That will trigger the machine to create the maslow wifi network again just like when it was new which might fix the issue.

Very good. That worked. TY!

I still wonder about the UI. What if there is ever a code/program error? What if I’d want to go back to original software? I think of Windows when it is running slow or ‘glitchy’ and I just want to re-format the program. Will I ever have to re-install the Maslow 4 Software “ESP3D for FluidNC?”

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You shouldn’t have to, but if you ever need to there is a way. It just requires a USB cable and that’s extra work.