No more kits.... Now What?

I have been following this project for several months and now that I am able to buy one I see that the kits will no longer be sold. Is there a parts list, source list, or any resource that I can compile a kit for myself? I am willing to build kits for others if there is a need for that as well and distribute them in the US.

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So i found the parts list… are there plans and specs for the custom and specialized parts?

The laser cut ring is the only part that is needed to complete the kit. While you could get it laser cut it is cheaper and easier to just make your own top pantograph kit out of 3/16x1/2" bar
you can also use 1/8x 5/8" galvanized fence bar which is a commodity item available at any hardware store. It’s only 1/8" thick, but I’m guessing that will work fine if it doesen’t it was only $5.50, not $30 that a stainless steel bar would costs.

you can buy JST 6 pin cable ends online and make your own motor cables or you can get them in bulk from china premade for a lot less, but with huge minimum orders.

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This is appreciated info, @aluminumwelder .

When I get time, I’ll try to figure out how to either:

  • quote/link to your response from the Alternate Suppliers BOM, or
  • start copying valuable posts like yours into a wiki thread for folks self-assembling “kits”.

All the info seems to be complete between the forums here and the GitHub Wiki - we just need to aggregate it.

I’ve bought, or been gifted, misc parts from individuals so much of my source-list is not useful for the next newcomer. Also, I’m in Canada, so the places where I’m finding components aren’t the same for most, but I’ll add my learnings when I get a chance.