Old Kit (with L-Brackets) in Europe; What to do?

I ordered a Maslow kit some years ago but didn’t have the opportunity to set it up until now.

Now I noticed that the design of the sled has changed from the two L-Brackets to the ring.
I’can’t find instructions for setting up the old sled and reordering would be difficult because I’m based in europe.

I’m not really sure how i can solve ths problem. Is there any way to get a triangular setup in Europe (Germany) or construct one yourself? Or would you recommend simply using the old design?

Thanks for your help


Make a set of linkages instead of the ring. This will make the calibration triangular. There was a 3d set of printable linkages in the community garden

get a linkage kit, there are a couple variations, the wood linkage kit, and the
metal linkage kit. Both designs are fully available for you to build yourself
(saving the shipping from the US, which is at least $35 for a small box)

I have some of the metal linkage ‘top mount kits’ available, which ould be $70
shipped to Europe.

and we can work with you to create your own linkage parts. I’ve posted in the
past that even an inaccurate maslow (such as your L bracket one) can be used to
create linkage parts that will let you be accurate and would be happy to go
through this again with you.

David Lang

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