Not having a lot of luck

Well, at least I got it to cut a shape on the backboard. I really messed up the configuration by the appearance of the cut VS the small calibration cuts.
I need to get the Z-axis set up, no way I can get the bit set where it needs to be by hand.
I knew it was off and tried to finish up the calibration in GroundControl anyway. I let it run the chains out as far as they wanted to go and then re-hung the chains with the router in the center as best I could. No joy, the calibration cuts eventually moved the sled off the board.
Quiting for tonight. I’ll go back after it with fresh eyes tomorrow or the next day. z-axis first then re-do calibration.
Don’t worry, I’m not going to give up



Thank you

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Can’t add them yet. Looks like I am too new.

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What do you mean you rehung the chains? Do you mean that you took them off the sprockets and reattached them to get the sled in the center? If that is the case, then you will definitely have problems as GC will not know where the sled actually is.
If you could walk us through what you did with rehanging the chains, that might help.

Keith, I’m going to just start over and see if I can do a better job of following the instructions.
Besides I need to get teh Z-axis connected up and working also.
If the next attempt is not optimal I’ll post again with relevant info.
Thank you for your offer


You will be glad to have that done. I didn’t even try to cut anything, including the calibration cuts, until I got that running.

I hope the second run goes well.


I posted in trouble shooting with latest attempt: