Now I'm having trouble with the port

I’m sorry if it feels like you guys are holding my hand it feels like it to me so I’m downloading the firmware open Arduino tools board mega then I go to Port and it won’t let me open it. Please help what am I doing this time.

If this is windows check device manager for the comport number. Then make sure nothing else is open that would use the port like Ground Control. Close and reopen the Arduino IDE, see if you can select the port. If not try a different USB port , restart the Arduino IDE.

Let us know what happens or if i am being too general.

Thank you

I tried all of that untill I got to the point of thinking maybe the port is bad and my computer is lieing. tried plugging something else in and no go no connection tried my phone nope nothing so it was the USB port tried a different laptop and ta da it works. Thank you bee so much for helping and these forms altogether. You guys are what really sold me on the maslow really, I came on here when I was looking to buy and saw that you guys worked so hard to help people.Thank you again I hope to have a project out soon.