I could sure use a call

Hi everyone,
newby here stuck on setting up software - firmware.
Not a computer wiz. Have used Mac’s but got a PC because groundcontrol wouldn’t open.
Could use some help… talk through what I’m doing wrong. Thanks


What kit do you have (where did you get it, what controller and sled setup)? Have you looked at the manual in the wiki or seen any of the setup videos linked from the manual? Maybe check that out. there is a wiki entry on the basics of arduino IDE software to get your firmware installed. If you still have questions/concerns please be as specific as you can. There are several here who want to help.

Thanks for replying Orob,
I’m away from the machine right now but it’s the $600 kit I got it on Amazon and my problem is it’s saying that it can’t find the USB connection and I’m not sure what else to do because I’ve tried plugging it into every USB port.
I bought a mini PC that’s windows 10.

Have you tried installing the Arduino IDE? It could be a drivers issue

Yes I have the Aduino and groundcontrol installed.
It keeps saying - lost connection with USB.
And I need to change USB ports, but I’ve tried all of them and nothing changes.

on available ports, what is COM3?

Windows numbers serial ports (our usb connection is a serial port emulated over USB), the real thing often has jumpers to set the port number, for USB ports it seems to be rather random and can change if you plug into a different USB connector on your computer. Windows will also change them on a whim just to be annoying, what’s com3 one day will become com something else on another.

The short answer it’s the port number that Windows picked today. If you don’t have any other devices plugged in then it’s most likely your Maslow. Connect to it and see

Thanks mooselake, I have tried them all… no difference.
If I can’t get this solved soon I will pack it back up an send it back.

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@newby , you might want to delete your phone number. These forums are public and you’ll end up with a lot of spam calls. Better to solicit some phone help publicly and maybe share number in a private message.

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What a great community… Absolutely no help from the forum or from Maker Made (of crap).
Thanks for a waste of money and time. I am returning this worthless shit and getting my money back, and will leave so much negative remarks about customer service I hope the business folds. A big middle finger for all the help!

A phone call to a stranger didn’t fit my schedule when you asked. I have at times phoned people to help out but it doesn’t always work in my situation. I’m sorry you had a bad experience.

We are all volunteers. This is a free forum with contributions from users just like you. Your beef is with Makermade who sold you the kit. This forum is a community of users and we sometimes get treated like customer service for the kit sellers. I’m sorry to hear your experience sucked. Systems like these are not for everyone. All the best to you.


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Sad, I was actually going to offer to call him tomorrow when I had time.

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One thing that would help is more clearly differentiating between vendor support and the open source project as a whole. We seem to take the brunt. of abuse when things that are vendor specific go south.

where is @makermade in all this? Were they even aware that this guy had a problem? from the sounds of things he tried to reach out to them but they ignored him so he came here thinking we were their support?